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Recommendations from Public being invited for New Anti Gang Legislation

Nationals and residents are been urged to help fashion the final draft of legislation designed to meet the challenges posed by violent gangs on every front, said the government in a released statement.

“Gang violence, after all, is something that everyone laments. It is something about which everyone demands that ‘something be done.’ This Bill offers a superb opportunity for the public to play a major role in the Government’s response to gang violence. And so I urge that the public make maximum use of this opportunity,” said Prime Minister Douglas.

Inviting members of the public, especially those who are most vocal on the issue of crime, Prime Minister Douglas urged them to take the time to read the Bill, The Gang (Prohibition and Prevention) Bill, 2011, was introduced by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Security, Sam Condor at the June 2nd sitting.

“Assess its likely impact and, as committed citizens, share you best thinking with the Government where this Bill is concerned.  Comments and recommendations should be in writing, and should be sent to either the Parliamentary Counsel in the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs, or to the Ministry of National Security,” said Prime Minister Douglas during his weekly radio program on Tuesday.

The Gang (Prohibition and Prevention) Bill, 2011, introduced by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Security, Sam Condor, seeks to make provision for the maintenance of public safety and public order by discouraging persons from joining membership of criminal gangs and by suppressing gang-related activities.

The Bill also seeks to enhance law enforcement in the area of investigation and prosecution of criminal gangs and to deter and punish crime committed in concert by a gang, and in that connection it seeks to protect law – abiding citizens and communities from such crimes.

The Bill seeks to facilitate prosecution and reform of juveniles found to be members of such gangs who commit crimes in concert with gangs and the establishment of gang prevention programs.

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