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Reggae Film Festival starts today

Director Dr Julian Henriques said the film was shot in Peckham, South London and is an area where a lot of Jamaican migrants lived. The plot surrounds gun violence in South London with the message that you don’t have to be negatively influenced by it.

“I was approached by local Jamaican musicians to make a film with them. It’s a positive message that’s possible to get rid of guns,” Henriques told Jamaica Observer.

We The Ragamuffins stars artistes Mikey General, Leroy Sibbles and Militant D and they play themselves.

“Back then I wanted the film to be up-to-date so it featured the latest fashion in music at the time,” said Henriques adding that the film will give viewers a very good record of the style and fashion in 1992.

The director feels that after 20 years the message is still relevant and it should prove a good watch.

Henriques is in Jamaica for the festival as well as to promote his book Sonic Bodies, which takes a look at the reggae sound systems and performance techniques. He is also a senior lecturer in the Department of Media and Communications at Goldsmiths, University of London.



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