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Registration Numbers Soar for Sugar Mas 40:40

In a statement issued to the press earlier today, Mr. Anthony stated that at the close of registration, of the seventy-one registrants, thirty were affiliated with Proud Sound Tent¸ thirty-two with the Legends Tent and a further nine indicated no tent affiliation.

The LIME Senior Calypso Monarch Finals is slated for   Saturday, 28th December 2011, with the Semi-Finals to select the seven participants to compete against the reigning King Pungwa slated for Thursday, 15th December 2011.

The Sub-Committee Chairman also announced that a total of fourteen females have registered to compete in the Female Calypso Bacchanal Competition scheduled for Saturday, December 17th this year.

Also Chairman of the Calypso Sub-Committee of the National Carnival Committee, Mr. Sylvester Anthony, has announced that a total of forty-one (41) individuals have registered to compete in this year’s 40/40 BEAUMONT PARK sponsored Soca Monarch Competition.

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