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Reigning Junior Calypso Monarch confident about retaining crown

Speaking to this media-house, Stapleton’s mother Amoy Nisbett disclosed that the song her son has entered with this year, speaks to the youth about listening to the advice of their parents, specifically their mothers.

However, she noted that her son who is 14 years, found it difficult to compose a song for the competition but at the last minute it was the assistance of a popular calypsonian who wrote the youngster’s song.

“In speaking to him he said, he is confident,” Nisbett said.

She expressed disgust with the way her son hjad to struggle this year and is now calling on the Carnival Committee to have the senior participants play a more integral role in the development of the younger generation of singers.

“Right now I have a problem with how it is going.  Because I found that I tried reaching out to several persons in writing a song and everybody turn me down… he wasn’t going to participate this year and I don’t feel like those veterans are assisting the youths as much they could.

She continued, “I reached out to several persons  and Controller was the last minute and so he got his song very late  and hence that is why he is not properly prepared as we would like to be. I really think that they could do more in terms of the seniors assisting the youths.”

Further, she opined that there should be programmes instituted in the schools before carnival to ably assist the students in writing their own material for such competitions.

“I remember but I can’t exactly say which island do workshops with their junior calypsonians, even getting them interested in writing their own songs, so that we don’t have to disturb anybody.”

On this backdrop, she stated that “ it is only when carnival come up they remember the junior calypsonians”, the mother added that a similar issue occurred with another contestant in composing a piece for the competition.

“There is nobody throughout the year for them to take over  and I would want somebody to come and help my son.”

Wheteher there is a victory or a defeat for the reigning junior king, his mother has adamant that he will return to compete in 2015. 



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