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Relations between Columbia and Venezuela Worsens



Chavez has accused the Columbian President, Alvaro Uribe of isolating himself in the region while the country takes on a more violent and aggressive posture. Chavez said that he has made the decision to break off relations with Columbia because of these unfriendly and destabilizing activities.


Though the two countries have been issuing claims and counter charges for many years, this latest fallout represents the biggest escalation in recent times.


The Alvaro Uribe who is actually in his final month as President of Columbia has been described by Chavez, as a puppet of the United States.


Some experts though have speculated that this latest move is only temporary and short term, because Chavez has already express his desire for closer relations and better ties with the newly elected Columbian President-elect, Juan Manuel Santos. However, given that Santos served as Uribe’s Defense Minister, a changed in policies might not be imminent.


On Friday, Venezuela recalled its ambassador to Columbia because of Columbia’s accusations about harbouring the FARC and ELN. Similar diplomatic actions were taken by Chavez a year ago.

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