Results of SKNFA Elvis Star Browne Women’s League played on Wednesday 22nd May

The first match was played between Hobson Enterprises Garden Hotspurs and Cayon.

The only goal that was scored for that match was made by Glenasha Sider of Hobson Enterprises Garden Hotspurs in the 60th minute.

The officials for that match were Travester Richards, Delroy Jefffers and Steadroy Techeira.

The second match was played between Delphic Newtown United and Rams Village Superstars.

Delphic Newtown United scored all 10 goals made in that match. The scorers were Levanja Wilkinson, who struck twice in the 10th and 30th minute, Acima Eddy who scored four goals in the 26th, 32nd, 40th and 57th minute, Tracy Willock scored a hat trick in the 42nd, 44th and 54th minute and Dominique Dore in the 66th minute.

Yellow cards were given Redera Henry of Newtown United and also to Ramona Phillip and Rozella Tucker of Rams Village Superstars.

Red cards were given to Shermel Johnson of Newtown United and Elenora Douglas of Rams Village Superstars.


The officials for this match were Caldon Duncan, Tyrone O’Loughlin and Cassim Akeem.



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