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Retired Jamaica police superintendent murdered

The murder of the well-known former crime fighter has sparked anger among members of the police force, with the Police High Command making it clear that those responsible will be found and brought to justice.

Police said that Boyd had just returned home from church when two men approached him at his gate and asked if he knew of places rent in the area. The men then surprised the ex-cop by opening fire, shooting him in the face, neck and shoulder. 

Family members, who went to investigate, found him lying on the road. His attackers fled in a black car with tinted windows.  The gunmen also took Boyd’s gun.

Boyd, who was rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead, is the second retired policeman to be gunned down in six months.

“It is a shameless, heartless and senseless act and no effort will be spared in the quest to bring Mr. Boyd’s killers to justice,” Ellington said.

Reprinted from Caribbean360

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