Rev Al Miller faces court in ‘Dudus’ case

Miller’s attorney, Jacqueline Samuels- Brown requested information which she said would show her client’s innocence.

The information she requested includes phone records of Police Commissioner Owen Ellington and notes of a meeting between Miller and Commissioner Jevene Bent. She also requested recordings of 911 calls relating to the matter and the log book kept at the Commissioner’s office.

An attorney for the Commissioner is expected to oppose the application for the information requested.

He is expected to file an application for public immunity by May 10 that would prevent the disclosure of the information requested.

Miller has been charged with harbouring a fugitive and perverting the course of justice after police officers found Coke, who was on the run at the time, in a vehicle being driven by Miller on the Mandela Highway on June 22, 2010.

Miller has maintained his innocence by saying that he was taking Coke to the United States Embassy as per an agreement when they were held.

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