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Rev. Hughes challenges St. Paulians to become church militants

“I challenge us sisters and brothers to be the church militants, to transform our community one person at a time, and to be the change we want to see and experience.” He echoed

Hughes was at the time speaking to the people who had gathered at the Robert Llewelyn Bradshaw Memorial Park for the prayer walk and rally.  While encouraging them to always call on the Lord’s name said “When we pray, we go into the presence of God, and when we pray, God enters our presence.”

The activity, which was organized by the St Paul’s Methodist Church, St Paul’s Wesleyan Holiness Church, St Paul’s Anglican Church, Church of God in Newton Ground, and the Saddlers Seventh Day Adventist Church sought to champion the fight against the issues of criminal activities that are plaguing the community.

Parliamentary representative for the area Dr Denzil Douglas said that the churches must be applauded for organizing such an important activity. He explained to the listeners that each person has a role to play when a child is born and is being raised.

“I call on the families to readdress and reset your compass so that you would be as mothers and fathers siblings,  children, aunts,  uncles and cousins  and would recognize your sacred duties that you have when a child is being brought into this world.” said Douglas

He added that the people of St Paul’s and the country on a whole should all be loving and caring to each other.

Intercessory prayers for the nation, community, youths, family and security forces were given by the ministers of the represented churches. Special presentations were made by Naomi Mulraine, Yannik Henry and Donya Francis.

Local preacher in the Methodist Church and one of the coordinators of the event, Vallon Francis, said he was happy that people did participate, and he hopes that other communities will try to follow.

“We had a wonderful time tonight, and I pray that churches in other communities will see what we did and use us a model as we all strive to help the federation of St Kitts and Nevis.” said Francis

Vallon said the community and the nation are seeing troubling times, and he believes that churches can bring about some changes.

As most of the attendees were older members of the community, he said would hope that the message be taken back into the homes and be taught to the young people.

“Even though the youngsters who we are rallying for weren’t present, the older folks with whom they live were. Their family members can go and convey the message to them and help us to a change.” asserted local preacher Francis.

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