Richards expresses confidence against Const. #5 opponent

Richards has said he is confident that he would be returned as parliamentary representative for Constituency #5 in the next General Elections, expected within the first half of 2015.

“I have absolutely no doubt about that. My campaign is very well organized. I and other persons have been on the ground, and we are doing the necessary visits to homes and communities,” said Richards, who also expressed confidence in the people of Sandy Point.

Richards confirmed that he has heard many tarnishing remarks made against him by politicians of the Douglas led administration, but said that his record as a parliamentary representative tells the right story.

“I have been the parliamentary representative for Constituency #5 for the past 10 years. Througout those ten years, I have heard various statements being made about me by the current illegitimate government,” said Richards, who indicated that he has performed well as a representative, and have brought issues to the forefront in the National Assembly.

“During the Budget debates, I addressed several issues in Sandy Point, and I can now publicly say that there are several aspects that I have pointed out that have been looked at,” said Richards, who pointed to improvements at the Sandy Point Health Center and the lighting of the football field, as examples.

Of great urgency, said Richards, are issues of youth joblessness, community security and the sale of land in Sandy Point. These issues, he said, would be addressed within the few months leading up to elections.


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