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Richards Tells NRP to Stop Spreading Lies

He said in a press statement on Saturday that “This bbm came from supporters of the NRP, stating that I was in Nevis with supporters from my constituency and supporters from Cayon, to register people in St. Johns to vote for the Honorable Mark Brantey.”

Richards however denied the rumours, stating, First of all, this is illegal and I have always condemned those that have registered where they do not live. Secondly, I was in Nevis this week and I made a visit to my friend, Ms. Deli Caines who is Press Secretary to the Premier, Mr. Parry. I am surprised the NRP operatives did not report this, but felt the need to report the rubbish from earlier today.”

The PAM leader called on the NRP to rein in their supporters, telling them to stop the malicious lies. “I trust this is the last time I will have to respond to such a monstrous lie,” said the parliamentarian.

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