Rihanna Celebrates The World Cup With Germany

If you didn’t already know, Rihanna takes fútbol very seriously and at yesterday’s final game between Germany and Argentina at Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, RiRi was living the dream of every hardcore soccer fan — turning up for the World Cup!

Before she was able to meet some of the players from Germany’s winning team, Rihanna was out in the crowd, flashing her bra to folks with the Brazilian flag painted on her neck. She was tweeting the entire time while drinking beer and posting pictures, and later German players, Lukas Podolski and Bastian Schweinsteiger, gave her a double kiss while Mesut Özil gave her his shirt right off of his back.  She tweeted:

“Congrats to my German boyz! This was the most epic experience of my entire life. You guys made me so proud to be here.”

To make her feel even more special, they brought her the 18-karat gold World Cup trophy to hold and take photos with.

“I touched the cup, held the cup, kissed the cup, took a selfie wit the cup!!! I meeeaan…… what is YO bucket list looking like bruh?”

Sidebar: FIFA guidelines state that only winners of the tournament and heads of state can touch the trophy, but you know dang on well Rihanna does what she wants. What rules?

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