Rihanna opens up about pregnancy side-effects

Rihanna says being pregnant is making her feel “tired at times”.

The Umbrella hitmaker has opened up on her pregnancy side-effects and admits she is “not used to” feeling such a strong need to go bed as usually she can “fight through any hour of the night”.

When asked how she’s been feeling at the Fenty Beauty and Fenty Skin event at Goya Studios in Los Angeles, she told Extra’s Terri Seymour: “Really great – tired at times, on and off, which I am not used to. I can fight through any hour of the night, but now it’s, like, putting me down, ‘No, you go to bed right now.’ “

Rihanna – who is expecting a baby with her rapper boyfriend A$AP Rocky – also explained how she decided her pregnancy announcement on Instagram was the best time to debut her vintage bubble gum pink Chanel puffer jacket.

She said: “I got this jacket when no one knew that I was pregnant and it was just a jacket that I loved and I was always waiting for the moment I was going to wear it. It just happened to be perfect for that day. One, it was cold, and two, I could unbutton it to just the right spot.”

The What’s My Name singer ruled that her new bundle of joy did not “have a choice” about whether they were going to have great style or not.

Rihanna quipped: “They’re not gonna have a choice – Mommy and Daddy, we ain’t too shabby.”

A$AP Rocky enthused about how “amazing” it is that he and his girlfriend Rihanna, 33, are going to be parents.

The 33-year-old rapper said: “I just never seen a female look so beautiful pregnant.”

Also while on the red carpet, Rihanna outlined how she wants her cosmetics company “wanted to expand what it means to be exclusive” and working on increasing their eco credentials.

She said: “I always lead with authenticity. We wanted to expand what it means to be exclusive. Now, we’re really focusing on being a sustainable brand … Icon, which is the lipstick we are launching tonight, we have done that with the packaging.”

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