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Rihanna wins Worst Supporting Actress award for Battleship

The “Talk That Talk” singer was acknowledged for her debut film role this awards season, but presumably not in the way she would have wished.

Rihanna was recently recognized for her role in the 2012 action move “Battleship”, adding yet another award to her rapidly expanding collection of accolades. It nevertheless seems unlikely that she’ll have much enthusiasm for her latest prize.

The “We Found Love” star won the 2013 Golden Raspberry Award, or “Razzie,” for Worst Supporting Actress for her role in the film that was hoped would launch her acting career.

The Razzies are annual tongue-in-cheek award shows that honour the very worst achievements in film – making them the complete opposite of the Oscars.

Rihanna was nevertheless in good company, sharing the dishonours with the cast and crew of the blockbusting “Twilight”, who stormed the Razzies like a vampire tsunami, bagging a staggering eleven awards.

Recent favourite Adam Sandler didn’t disappoint, either, maintaining his “winning” streak by taking home awards for Worst Actor and Worst Screenplay for his monumental flop “Jack & Jill”.

But there’s really nothing for the “Unapologetic” girl to feel apologetic about, especially given that acclaimed Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry also distinguished herself by picking up a Razzie in 2005 for her role in “Catwoman”.

Berry, moreover, charmed fans around the world when she graciously accepted her Razzie in person, deriding herself during her acceptance speech and proving she has a fun sense of humour and the humility to laugh at herself.

Eddie Murphy, Prince, and Mariah Carey, are just some of the other top-drawer celebrities who have won Razzie Awards.

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