Rihanna’s Illness Sparks Pregnancy Rumors

That probably won’t be happening any time soon, however, her recent illness coupled with her decision to cancel shows in both Houston and Dallas this week has sparked up some rumors that she could be carrying a bun in the oven. Her fans have taken to Instagram and Twitter to inquire about her health while tweeting things like, “Her eggo is preggo, no doubt about that lol” and “I’m telling ya,”  Rihanna is secretly pregnant with Chris’ baby, that’s why she cancelled our Boston concert over “Laryngitis.”

Yesterday, she looked as though she wanted to be left alone as she headed out of a Beverly Hills doctor’s office. After a few fans complained about her cancelled tour dates, she posted in one fan’s comment section:

“I was sick since San Diego! I kept working because I thought two days off after the Vegas show would be enough time to recover and I f**ked up, those were two days off from hell and today is not different! I’m sad and disappointed about it! I had all kinds of plans for Houston!”

If it means anything, last year Rihanna was hospitalized a few times as well. She’s probably suffering from exhaustion, more than anything.

Reprinted from Necole Bitchie.

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