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Rippa eyes stardom

That song, Help Someone, was recorded six months ago in New York City where the 35-year-old vocalist has lived for over a decade.

“I came up with this song six years ago but now is the right time to release it,” Jackson said. “It’s about always remember where you are coming from.”

Help Someone was released by Hotrod Culture, a production company located in Brooklyn, the New York City borough known for its strong West Indian immigrant population.

Influenced by Bob Marley, Jacob Miller and Garnet Silk, Jackson (given name Rohan Thompson) started his musical career in his native Gregory Park, St Catherine, cutting songs like Life Is More Precious Than Gold and Stand By Me (with Gary Gold) for small labels like Golden Fox and Lexus Productions.

Jackson kept his musical ties after immigrating to the Big Apple where he has continued recording for independent producers. Rastafari Love, Rise This Morning and Stranger are just some of the songs he has done since leaving Jamaica.

While satisfied with the response to Rastafari Love and Stranger on underground radio in New York City, Johnson is optimistic Help Someone will be even bigger and take his career to the next phase.

“It has a strong, timeless message that is really relevant for Jamaica right now,” he said.




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