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Rising vehicle costs driving up fraud

The situation, resulting from fake licences and fraudulent insurance cover notes, is being described as chronic, and one which involves mainly taxi and bus operators, but extends also to private drivers as well.

Police state that a number of the documents were being sold at a cheaper rate than original documents. One taxi driver from Spanish Town explained that two types of illegally obtained certificate of fitness existed. He explained that JA$3,000 could purchase one certificate of fitness.

But he said that document, which would be produced outside the examination depot by someone without authority, would be fraudulent and authorities would have no record of its existence.

Legally he said a certificate of fitness could cost JA$2,500. Meanwhile, the taxi driver admitted to paying JA$4,000 each month to obtain a fraudulent insurance cover note because to do so legally would be too high.

It is a situation head of the Police Traffic Division, Superintendent Radcliffe Lewis is not taking lightly. He added that police were also aware that people acting as brokers for legitimate insurance companies were also spearheading the racket.

“I am not saying that the Island Traffic Authority is free from blame, but what I can tell you is that most of these drivers licences are not issued by them. These bogus licences are computer-generated, the examination depots have nothing do with them. Any licence issued by the Island Traffic Authority would appear to be genuine and would also be found in our database,” he said.

The senior cop said that the police were on the trail of at least one of the persons involved in the production of the fake licences, some of which have legitimate information but for minor adjustments such as the removal of the clause which bars the individual from operating a public passenger vehicle.

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