Roll Out of PAM’s New Candidates Begins next Month

After a two year wait, PAM is now showing signs that the time is drawing near to reveal the new candidates to the public and to party supporters.
Over the past months, the party has been working behind the scenes, said one official, to try to find the right mix and to ensure that a transparent method was adopted, in line with the party’s constitution, to identify the new slate.
On Sunday, father’s Day, the People’s Action Movement Leader, Mr. Lindsay Grant  announced that the party’s first new candidate for the next general election will be announced and launched on 20th July.
The announcement was made at the party’s annual East Basseterre Father’s Day Luncheon, where Grant stated that the process, in at least one of the vacant constituencies, is near completion and that constituency will launch its new candidate next month.
“Come July 20th the party will officially begin the rolling out of our candidates and the first new candidate for the upcoming election will be launched,” said PAM Leader Grant.
He however did not give any indication to the constituency where the launch will take place.joneell
According to party Deputy Chairperson Jonel Powell, a number of constituencies have begun and are nearing the ending of their candidate selection processes.
“All the constituencies have long begun and are in some cases either completed or nearing the completion of their respective candidate selection processes and as was indicated by the Party Leader Lindsay Grant we will begin to roll out our candidates beginning on July 20th,” said PAM Deputy Chairperson Jonel Powell.
“We are currently ensuring that all the constituencies are following candidate selection guidelines, rules and regulations as laid out in our constitution as we want to ensure that once candidates are selected, the constituency and the candidate would have met and followed all the rules and procedures and processes that are required by the party’s constitution,” continued Deputy Chairperson Powell.
Powell indicated that over the next few months the candidates for each constituency will be identified and no later than November this process of announcing and launching of new candidates should be at, or near completion.

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