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Ross University Donates Computer to Defence Force

The university recently donated four computers to the St. Kitts and Nevis Defence Force (SKNDF)/Coast Guard to assist in the operations of protecting the country’s coastline. 

Mr. Kendall Cable, RUSVM IT applications manager, presented the computers to Lieutenant Lynn Wilkin of the Operations and Training Department. During the presentation, Lt. Wilkin expressed his gratitude to RUSVM for its donation. 

“On behalf of the Minister of National Security and the Commanding Officer of the SKNDF/Coast Guard, we would like to thank Ross University for this kind gesture.” Wilkin continued, “The computers will be put to good use and will assist our division in carrying out our job in a more efficient manner.” 

Private Carlton Williams, of the St. Kitts Coast Guard, indicated that each department, including Operations and Training, Engineering, the Intelligence Unit and the Office of the Commanding Officer of the Coast Guard, would receive a computer. 

“Part of the mission of Ross University is to assist the needs of the local community,” said Cable. “We were grateful to be of assistance to Lt. Wilkin and his team, and believe this will benefit the Coast Guard in helping to ensure that the security needs of St. Kitts and Nevis are met.”

Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine has made various equipment and educational contributions in the Federation including animal education classes to local schools, contributed critical care equipment to JNF General Hospital, donated supplies and monetary funds to security initiatives in St. Kitts and provided free veterinary care through its spay clinic.

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