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RUMOR CONTROL: Shaq Shuts Down Breakup Rumors, Still “Good” With Hoopz

Shaq hit up Sway In The Morning on Shade 45 Sirius/XM radio yesterday and cleared up a few rumors.  Specifically a rumor that Shaq and Hoopz split up recently after he kicked her out of his house he moved her into.

When asked if the two had broken up, Shaq responded (while telling the hosts they should have checked with him first before running with what a certain site said):

“We fine. We good. Period….When I want y’all to know something, I got the number up here. I’ll call. If I try to respond to what everybody say, I would have to rent this building out and rent out every floor.b9e3d5b1

They make a business out of getting clicks and getting advertising money… more power to ‘em.  You can’t like, take pictures and then say this is a story.”

Now that that’s been cleared up, Shaq & Hoopz can get back to their daily workout routine….









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