Saint Lucia to brand banana as “premium” agricultural product

(SNO) – Saint Lucia will be branding its bananas as a premium agricultural product as part of strategic efforts as it related to the island’s banana industry.

On Monday, cabinet met with high level officials from the Ministry of Agriculture to discuss the industry.

“The main focus of this meeting was to discuss the critical challenges which our banana farmers face, the recommended solutions and some of the opportunities which our farmers should prepare themselves for,” Prime Minister Allen Chastanet explained.

He stated that the branding of the island’s banana is part of strategic efforts for the industry.

“As we move forward, the branding of our banana as a “Premium” agricultural product is a major part of our strategic efforts,” he said.

Chastanet remarked that the development of a recipe book inspired by bananas is also being explored.

“Another initiative, which we are also developing, is a ‘Banana Inspired Recipe Book,’” he stated. “This recipe book will serve as a guide for alternative cooking uses of our bananas such as banana smoothies, banana bread and banana desserts among others.”

Saint Lucia’s banana industry received a heavy blow during the passage of Tropical Storm Kirk in 2018.

Officials estimate that between 80 and 90 per cent of the industry sustained damage.

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