Salary increases on the way for St Lucia public servants

Government said that the increase will be a one per cent in the first year followed by a 1.5 per cent hike for the remaining two years.

Public Service Minister Dr. James Fletcher said CSA members still had the option of writing to their respective permanent secretaries informing of their wish not to receive the salary increases.

He justified the Kenny Anthony government’s decision to pay the 228 CSA members the salary increase, noting that they were an insignificant number when compared with the general membership of 2,500.

“In addition current petitions were in circulation among various government agencies with signatures outstanding that of the CSA votes and the grade/wage inconsistencies that would be derived in the overall system,” he said.

Fletcher said the letter refusing a salary increase should be sent to the permanent secretary before May 31, in order for the necessary salary changes to be made by the Treasury Department.

Fletcher said the government had also decided against salary deductions from civil servants who opted to take strike action in support of a 9.5 per cent wage increase.

“Cabinet also thought long and hard on the issue of salary deductions from those civil servants who opted to take strike action for the payment of the 9.5 percent wage increase.

“Cabinet held firm on the right of the employer not to pay workers for work not done. However, as a show of good faith to close this chapter and move forward with the important task of developing our country and providing greater opportunities for all citizens of St. Lucia, Cabinet decided not to make any deductions from the salaries of those civil servants who were absent from work on strike action,” he told reporters.

But he said Cabinet warned in the future, it would apply the principle of no work, no pay.

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