Sandy Point Fisherman’s Marketing & Supplies Co-operatives Society Ltd reactivation effort


After years of dormancy, the Sandy Point Fisherman’s Marketing and Supplies Co-operative Society Ltd is on the rebound. From the 13th January to 17th February 2021, the members actively participated in a series of training delivered by the Department of Co-operatives. This training was to prepare members for the reactivation of their fisherman’s co-operative and to empower members to effectively manage their      co-operative.

The co-operative held a successful Shellfish Festival on Sunday 1st March at Fig Tree, Sandy Point as part of the climaxing of the training and reactivation process. The activity also served as a fund raising event and to announce the rebirth of the Sandy Point Fisherman’s Marketing and Supplies Co-operative to the community. The fisherman’s co-operative received strong support for the delivery of the Shellfish Festival from the Department of Co-operatives, the Department of Marine Resources and CC4 Fish.  Patrons came from far and wide to support this inaugural move by the Cooperative, and did not leave disappointed.

The Honourable Eric Evelyn, Minister of Environment and Co-operatives attended and participated in a brief ceremony at the Shellfish Festival. He expressed words of congratulations and encouragement to members of the Sandy Point Fisherman’s Co-operative and committed his ministry’s support. Also in attendance were Permanent Secretary Ms. Sharon Rattan, staff of the Department of Co-operatives and Department of Marine Resources.

The members of the Sandy Point Fisherman’s Co-operative served up healthy seafood delicacies including lobster, conch, snapper and shellfish among other things much to the satisfaction of patrons. Patrons were satisfied with the event and called for it to be held at regular intervals.

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