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Sandy Point now in good hands says Minister Richards

Speaking at the town hall meeting held in Sandy Point on Wednesday last (11th August), the constituency representative made reference to a number of issues that were plaguing the Primary and Secondary Schools in Sandy Point. The minister spoke about the bat infestation in the roof at the 5th form block at the Charles E. Mills Secondary School, indicating that they had to remove about 10-13 wheelbarrows of bat nests.

The roof was replaced.

Richards also made mention of the electricity problem (unstable voltage) at the aforementioned school and stated that the problem is being addressed because, “Sandy Point is now in good hands.” He added that numerous complaints have been made with regard to the bathroom facilities at the primary level, and, as a result, a new bathroom block is being constructed under the Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF) program.

Not only will work be done at the primary and secondary levels, but at the preschool level as well. The education minister stated that they have plans to build a new preschool in Sandy Point, plans that are currently under discussion, he said, at the Ministry of Education.

In referencing land ownership, Richards said that young Sandy Pointers have been applying for land repeatedly and have not been successful; some of whom have been placed on file.  Less than one year in government, “over 100 young people from Sandy Point received house lots,” according to the minister.

Richards mentioned that people have been saying quite a number of things but has stated that “sometimes when I hear them talking I say to them that when Shawn goes to bed at nights, Shawn goes to bed comfortably because I know that I [look after] the people of Sandy Point.”

He indicated that he has recently been in a session with Wendy Phipps discussing jobs for people from Sandy Point. Richards said that not everyone who asks for a job will be able to get one because the government cannot hire everyone and that is the reality of the situation.

However, he said that “so long as there is a vacancy, and I can assist somebody from Sandy Point, I will do so,” adding that he is always looking out for the people from his constituency.

Richards stated under the former administration hardly anyone from Sandy Point was on any board. Now Sandy Pointers are on just about all the boards in the country because they have a contribution to make towards the development of the country just like any other citizen.

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