Sangster runway reopened

A news release from the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority (JCAA) stated that the incident at the airport in Montego Bay “forced the institution of emergency response procedures” resulting in the runway being closed at approximately 3:22 pm and reopened about 6:15 pm.

“An effective co-ordination of efforts between Jamaica’s Air Traffic Controllers, the airport, and the Jamaica Constabulary Force was successful in ensuring an effective emergency response. All passengers and crew members who were on- board the airline were safely evacuated,” the JCAA said.

The JCAA said the timeliness of the response by various parties and its Flight Safety Division assisted in minimising the disruptions to air traffic at the airport.

Several scheduled departures experienced delays, while some incoming flights were diverted to Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston.

Airport officials said the Boeing 737-800 crew, after receiving the fire warning, quickly activated the fire-suppression systems.

Investigators from the JCAA Flight Safety Division have been deployed to conduct an investigation into the incident.


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