SCASPA reports increase in passenger arrivals and cargo export at airport

Figures from SCASPA’s Department of Finance & Statistics indicate that 11, 398 passengers arrived in June 2014 compared to 10,447 passengers in 2013, an increase of 951 passengers, up 9.10 percent.

The department is also reporting a 6.27 percent increase in departures, with 10, 137 passengers leaving in June last year, compared to 9,539 passengers in June of 2013, an increase of 598.

SCASPA is also reporting an 86.04 percent increase in cargo going out through the airport. A decline of 31.82 percent is recorded for cargo imported through the airport.

The Department of Finance & Statistics reports 33.86 tons of cargo was exported through the airport in June 2014, compared to 18.20 tons in 2013, while 86 tons were imported in June 2014 compared to 126.14 tons in 2013.

Flights out of the Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport increased 14.37 percent in June this year, up from 487 in 2013 to 557 in 2014, while flights out increased 14.52 percent, up from 489 in June 2013 to 560 in June 2014.

For the first six months of this year, 69,456 passengers passed through the Bradshaw Airport compared to 67,380 in 2013, up 3.08 percent. Passenger departures totalled 69,991 in 2014 compared to 68,032 in 2013.

Between January and June this year, flights in  increased by 274, up 8.17 percent, to 3,628 compared to 3,354 for the same period in 2013.  Between January and June this year, flights out also increased by 8.21 percent, from 3.373 in 2013 to 3,650.



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