School is closed for Summer Vacation

It will be approximately two months of freedom from the routine activities of the classroom and for many students, the holidays will be used for overseas travel to visit families and friends; while for others, the period will be used for participation in one of the many camps that will be organized in July and August.
Fifth form students will however be on the edge as they await the results of the exams Caribbean Examination Council that were written in May and June.
While most parents are not too excited about the start of the vacation, the students will no doubt be happy to enjoy their long period of relaxation.
During the past few weeks, parents have been taking the time to talk to their children, to make them aware of, or to remind them about the challenges that will be confronting them as they enter the world of work.
Some have also indicated that they have started the discussions with their children about drugs and alcohol, as studies show children are more tempted to try these substances at this time of the year.
Most of the high schools have also completed their annual proms, with the Washington Archibald High School, hosting theirs last Saturday 14th July.
The Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis has already warned parents and students that they have to strike a balance between work and play, if they are to avoid not falling behind when school re-opens in September.

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