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‘Scorched earth’ political campaign in Grenada

Hamlet Mark, who is based in Miami, refers to the group as the “triumvirate.” He has written that the group includes NDC leader and prime minister of Grenada, Tillman Thomas; NDC deputy leader and finance minister Nazim Burke; and former NDC chairman and minister of information and national mobilization, Glen Noel.

“For this past week, I have been quietly following reports from Grenada that some members of the ‘triumvirate’, in cahoots with others, are on a specific trajectory to politically destroy some of their own,” Mark writes in his latest internet blog, titled “The politics of destruction has begun.”

“There has been a strong suspicion that the phones of some members of cabinet have been bugged,” Mark added. “The evidence has largely been circumstantial – and so I have never written about it, since I was quietly digging deeper for a few weeks now. But the writing is on the wall, when it became clear last week that a specific request had gone out to the FIU – Financial Intelligence Unit – directing that they demand the phone records of a very senior government official. And I mean very senior.”

Mark, who campaigned for the NDC in its run to victory in the 2008 general elections, claims “that a clique in this government has embarked on the politics of destruction. The Glen Noel-led Tillman Thomas wing of the NDC has declared a scorched earth policy.”

Members of the clique, he says, “are satisfied that they cannot win the next election on their own – and nobody else will stand to win it, which makes the prime minister – without him realizing – being the biggest agent for the return of Keith Mitchell.”

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