Second dose administered to the first group

By MyVue Staff Reporter

Basseterre, Wednesday, 5th May,2021, (MyVue St. Kitts & Nevis needs to vaccinate another 19,967 persons before it could claim herd immunity against the deadly Coronavirus.

The march towards that ambitious target got a little easier on Tuesday, 4th May, 2021, when the total number of persons vaccinated with their first dose, climbed to 13,070.

It has been a challenging task but the vaccination program has been making some progress as the effort to reach 70% herd immunity, continued.

From the total vaccinated, 9,962 are based in St. Kitts while the other 3,108 are residents of Nevis.

The country is now at 39.6% of the 33, 037 persons that are being targeted to be inoculated.

Tuesday also saw the first set of citizens receiving their second doses of the Oxford/Astra Zenica COVID-19 vaccine.

At the end of the day, some 127 persons had received their second doses.

Included in the list of persons getting their second jab were the country’s Minister of Health, Akilah Byron-Nisbett, Prime Minister, Dr. Timothy Harris, and members of his Cabinet and senior officials on the COVID-19 Task Force.

Health officials have been stepping up their campaign to encourage citizens and residents to step forward to receive the injection, but many continue to resist, citing various reasons for their refusal.

However, the Government sees the attainment of herd immunity as a crucial undertaking, as plans are accelerated to reopen the cruise tourism sector in June and a full opening of the country on 1st October.

Some observers however are becoming increasingly skeptical about the chances of the country reaching 70% herd immunity this year.

While the government has stopped short of making it mandatory, some officials have hinted that this has not been ruled out as an option.

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