Second Suspect in “Scooter Chase” Surrendered to Police

According to a police press release, the individual is a male juvenile from the Conaree area and he was arrested at about 6:00 p.m. on Friday, 21st January, 2011 “after he was surrendered to police by a family member”.

The young man was arrested “on suspicion of shooting at the police with intent to do them serious harm” and is the second to two individuals whom the police believed to be riding the motor scooter which was chased by police on that evening. They also believe that the scooter may have been stolen.

The juvenile, according to police, “had a severe infected wound on his left thigh suspected to (be) that of a gunshot wound. He was taken to the JNF Hospital where he is warded in stable condition under police guard.”

According to police reports, armed security officers were in the Canada Estate area on the evening of 19th January, when they saw the scooter – bearing no licence plate – carrying two individuals. They reportedly immediately set chase after the scooter riders, and according to the press release, they fired shots at the officers which caused them to respond in like fashion.

The two individuals reportedly escaped through the cover of some bushes, however, the police informed that 21-year-old Xavier Phillip of River Ghaut, Cayon, emerged from the bushes with gunshot injuries to his left hand and left leg. He was taken to the Joseph N. France General Hospital for treatment and was also arrested on “suspicion of shooting at the police with intent to do them serious harm”.

The scene of the incident was processed and the authorities indicated that they a 9mm pistol was found and taken into police custody.

“The police want to thank members of the public for their cooperation in acceding to their general appeal for information and assistance. Formal charges are likely to follow on or shortly before the suspect’s discharge from the hospital. Investigations into this matter are ongoing.”




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