Section of Bay Road Has Collapsed


According to a spokesman from the Police Department, a section of the Bay Road, in the vicinity of the Gardens Apartment Buildings collapsed into the sea, leaving a large crater that makes it dangerous for both pedestrians and motorists, who may want to use this heavily travelled road artery.

It is said that the constant pounding of the shoreline by the powerful waves on Monday, (4th October), eventually led to the down fall of both road and side-walk.

As a consequence, that section of the Bay Road has had to be closed to motorists, causing public buses and private vehicles, to be diverted to Fiennes Avenue, travelling through Irishtown and Mc Knight.

Officials at the Traffic Department have placed various signs, cautioning drivers to avoid the area.

Meanwhile, residents of the nearby apartments have indicated that during the onslaught of the powerful waves, there was an intermittent shaking of the buildings that are located immediately in front of the affected area. Residents reported that this was a cause of much concern amongst those living in the apartments.

In October in 2008, with the passage of Hurricane Omar, St. Kitts & Nevis also received a battering to its coastal areas, resulting in millions of dollars in damage in certain communities.

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