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S.E.L.F. Says FND Gift Raises Student Responsibility and Sustainability of Programme

In a recent ceremony to SELF, the Credit Union donated approximately two hundred book covers as a means of partnering with the Ministry of Education in its Text Book Cover initiative.

The students are now encouraged to cover their books as a means of increasing durability. This should also teach them a greater sense of responsibility for keeping the books in their best condition.

In speaking to the Education Media Unit Ms. Bassue said keeping the books in good condition is a matter of dollars and cents, as texts are very costly. She emphasized that cutting down on replacement costs is always a plus.  She added that she hoped to see more partners coming forward to assist with this and other programmes that support youth development in the Federation.

The coordinator reported that General Manager of FND, Mr. James Webbe, compared the requirement for students to return the books to the Ministry at the end of their studies to the requirement for the repayment of loans at FND and other institutions. She remarked that Mr. Webbe emphasized that the good habits instilled now would benefit individual students and the community in the future.

Persons interested in obtaining further information regarding the book covers can contact the SELF office at the Ministry of Education at 467-1411.

The FND Credit Union’s Youth Outreach Programme has donated approximately $2,000 to schools in support of their various academic and sporting ventures over the past two years. The FND Credit Union also offers financial education to youth through its Youth Savings Account Programs.

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