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Senior Minster says Teachers Deserve a Better Salary

Harris stated that he wishes in due course that the economy will grow and prosper, thereby allowing teachers, those active and those who are retired, to be justly and decently rewarded. 

“I give my commitment that I will fight every day, with every fiber in my body, to ensure that our teachers are justly rewarded with better terms and conditions of work,” he said. 

He stated that teachers play a critical role in the education system indicating that a loving, caring teacher, who is well prepared and competent in their subject matter and teaching methodology, can positively impact on a student’s performance.  

“Today I want to thank the teachers for their hard work, dedication and sacrifice, especially in these trying times. We sometimes forget to acknowledge the work that teachers put in day and night and I especially want to say a big, hearty thank you to all our teachers at this time.  We don’t say it often enough, but teachers, THANK YOU for the love, care, attention and commitment that you give every day, come rain or sunshine, to building the most critical foundation a child needs.” 

He also pointed out another critical element in students learning, which is the level of parental support, guidance, advice and interest. 

He added that parents need to consistently show care, concern and interest in their children’s education and monitoring students work for quality, enquiring about their child/ward can go a substantial way in determining how well children perform in school. 

“Parents owe a duty of care and consideration for children.  Parents must create a healthy, safe and secure environment in which children can grow and develop into good citizens of their country and of this world. Always encourage your children to be the best that they can be,” Harris stated. 

Harris was speaking at the 9th Annual Help a Child Programme at the Miracle Temple Church, Lodge Project which awards scholarships to primary school students to children of Constituency number 7.


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