Seven Convicted at Traffic Court

Conaree resident Travis Liburd appeared before Her Worship Josephine Mallelieu Webbe on charges of “driving without insurance” and “driving while not the holder of a driver’s licence”, offences which took place on 28th July 2010. The young man, MiyVue understands, was convicted and cautioned on both counts.

Walter Nias of Bird Rock was convicted of 11th November, 2010 offences of “driving without insurance” and “driving without a driver’s licence”. He was ordered by the magistrate to pay $1000 in two weeks or serve two months at Her Majesty’s Prison on the first count and convicted and cautioned on the latter.

Ryan Richardson, who was charged with one count of “driving without due care and attention”, was convicted and cautioned. MiyVue understands that the offence was committed on 8th January 2010.

For committing a “driving without a driver’s licence” offence, Kurtney Gibson of Lozack Road was convicted and cautioned. He was also convicted of a “driving without insurance” and was fined $1500 to be paid within six weeks or face the imposition of a one-month custodial sentence. 

MiyVue understands that the vehicle which Gibson drove belonged to Brian Farrell of Greenlands and that Farrell had given him permission to operate the vehicle although he knew that Gibson was not the holder of a driver’s licence.

As a result, Farrell was charged with “permitting another to drive without insurance”. He was convicted of that offence and fined $200 which was to have been paid forthwith or, in default, serve one week behind bars.

A $500-fine is to be paid by Pablo Wilson of Cayon as punishment for committing a 16th June 2010 “driving without due care and attention” offence.

Leon Mc Sheen, resident of Keys, was convicted of “driving off the bus route” and fined $100 which was to have been paid forthwith or in default, serve one week imprisonment.

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