Seven Selected for Calypso Monarch Finals


The sixteen calypsonians sang their hearts out before a fair-size crowd singing two renditions but when the show came to an end at about 3:00 a.m. Friday 17th December, the judges’ decisions were final and only seven were chosen for the chance to dethrone reigning Calypso Monarch, King Socrates.

The seven are; Stitch in Time, Singing Jackie, Anastasia, Astro, I-Soursop, Kinta and Pungwa, with Big Lice selected as the alternate.

Each calypsonian that took to the stage delivered some powerful performances with colourful and dramatic presentations that had the crowd buzzing as to which seven would be selected.

From start to finish the fairly large crowd was fully entertained by the performances which included appearances of folklore characters, bulls, clowns and even a pregnant man.

The other calypsonians who didn’t make it to the “big yard” are singers like, Alamoulou, Lord Kut, I Doni, Singing Angie, Ace and Blazer from the Legends Tent, and from the Grand Masters’ Pound Sounds Calypso Tent; Hollywood and Calypso Reggie.

The finals of the Calypso Monarch is scheduled for 29th December at the Sugar Mill (Warner Park football stadium).





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