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Seven to Do Battle Against King Astro

The Calypso Finals was brought forward on the calendar of events and given its own night’ after years of sharing date with the Cultural Food Fair.

The calypsonians who are planning to sing their way to top and be crowned the 2011 TDC Senior Culturama Kaiso King in order of appearance are 1 – Baker, 2 – Pupa Wheeler, 3 – Dis N Dat , 4 – Astro(Reigning) ,  5 – Hollywood,  6 – Nutsy,  7 – I Soursop and 8- Alamoulou.

Each calypsonian will be judged on two (2) tunes.

In the semi-finals the calypsonians had to perform to win the judges’ approvals to move one step further of making their dreams a reality. The other calypsonians who were not as fortunate were Sweetes, Luss Man, Watusi and Daddy Nature.



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