Several Traffic Violators Charged and Convicted

Gabriel Asongue who was charged with driving without insurance and driving an unlicenced vehicle was convicted and cautioned on the first count and on the latter, the Frigate Bay resident was convicted and fined $500 to be paid within one week or serve a one-week custodial sentence.

Leaney Chickchester was convicted of 12th November 2010 offences of driving without insurance and driving an unlicenced vehicle. The St. Peters Parish resident was ordered by Her Worship Josephine Mallelieu-Webbe to pay $500 for each charge. The sum was to be paid forthwith or Chickchester would have had to serve time at Her Majesty’s Prison. MiyVue understands that the sum has been paid.

Having been charged with “driving without due care and attention”, Lara Gizzi of Sealoft, Frigate Bay, appeared before the court and was convicted of the offence. A $500 fine was handed down which has to be paid in one week, or serve one week in prison. The offence was committed on 15th September 2010.

Upper Monkey Hill resident Devon Williams failed to produce his proof of licence and proof of insurance on 26th February 2010 and also made an appearance before Her Worship Mallelieu-Webbe. He was convicted on both charges and ordered to pay $100 per charge forthwith or serve time behind bars. understands that the fines were paid.

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