Shifting the eggs around

Energy Minister Kevin Ramnarine, who is expected to submit a report to Cabinet on Thursday on the blackout, said “the time has come to examine whether we have too many eggs in one basket, the natural gas basket.

“We would want to install some dual fuel capacity in other power plants in Trinidad so we can switch onto diesel fuel oil and continue to supply the country.” Ramnarine said as he discussed the role performed by the Trinidad Generation Unlimited (TGU) power plant in La Brea, south of here, in supplying electricity to the country.

“The TGU power plant is designed as the most modern, cutting-edge power plant in the Caribbean. It is designed to do 720 megawatts of power. Right now because of constraints with transmission lines, et cetera, it is only doing about 260.

“One of the recommendations coming from the meeting is that TGU has to be put in a position where it can supply all of its power to the country. It is not only important from an energy security point of view, but it is from an economic point of view. It is the most efficient power plant as it uses a lower amount of natural gas to produce the same unit of electricity, as compared to other power plants in the country.”

Ramnarine said that mechanical failure and not sabotage was responsible for the blackout and on Monday held a high-level round table meeting with various stakeholders to discuss the matter.

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