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Shocker! – Superb Blake Stuns Bolt


Blake took Bolt’s advice and ran a contained curve before blasting for the line in 19.26 seconds, just 0.07 seconds off Bolt’s world record.

“I think all the tutoring just stopped,” Bolt said, knowing he had probably discovered his toughest challenger at the London Olympics.

Blake erased Bolt’s world-leading 19.40 seconds en route to establishing a personal best and the second-fastest time ever in the half lap event.

With 19.26, he improved on his personal best by 0.52 seconds.

Big surprise

“It was a big surprise for me,” Bolt said.

Bolt’s 19.19 seconds set at the 2009 World Championships in Berlin is the current world record.

Before yesterday, Bolt also held the second fastest time of 19.30 seconds, which he posted to win the Olympic gold in Beijing and, in the process, broke Michael Johnson’s record of 19.32. Now, only Bolt’s 19.19 stands in front of the 21-year old Blake.

“I was looking for this and I got it. I expected to run fast but not this fast,” said Blake.

“The last 40 metres was crazy, but I’m like a beast when that happens. I just take control of the track. I knew I could do something crazy, (but) 19.26 I was a bit surprised,” Blake said.

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