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Shooting in Cayon

Though not much is known at the moment regarding the details of the shooting incident, many observers in the area have indicated that an attempt was made on an associate of Ras Benji, but he managed to escape the hail of bullets from his would be assassin(s).

Members of the public are expressing their concern for their own safety, fearing that they could become victims of stray bullets meant for another target.

Already, St. Kitts & Nevis has seen 17 homicides for 2011, with 15 in St. Kitts and 2 in Nevis.

No one seems to have the answers to resolve the escalating violent criminal activities in the Federation, but some civic organizations have recently called for the recruitment of a team of foreign experts to lead the Police Force, given that our local resources appear to be unable to provide the solutions to fight crime.

Meanwhile, the police are continuing their investigations into the latest shooting in Cayon.

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