‘Sistas’ collab for empowerment

His latest project is the all-female song Beautiful Sista which features Alaine, Tami Chynn, Tessanne Chin and Queen Ifrica.

According to Cooper, he has always wanted to produce a song with the ‘big guys’ in the dancehall about doing something positive and youth-related.

However, this fell through because of egos.Tessanne-Chin--tami_w445

“Essentially, I made the track and I called Alaine. We thought of doing a song that spoke about the strength of the Jamaican woman and women in general,” Cooper explained. “We reached out to a bunch of people and that’s the side that came together.”

Alaine said she enjoyed working on Beautiful Sista.

“I wrote the hook and thought this needs to be a combination, so I linked Tami, Tessanne and Queen Ifrica and we wrote the rest of the song together,” she said. “It was so much fun.”

Cooper has previously worked with Alaine and Tami Chynn. He produced one of Chynn’s biggest songs with the melodic Over and Over, so too Alaine’s We Rise (In Love), Love Loud and Clear and Just Do It.





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