Six Jamaica police officers interdicted, suspended following death of prisoner

The officers, who were on duty when Deane, 31, was allegedly beaten by prisoners in his cell on August 3, were interdicted pending the investigations into the matter.

All six are attached to the Barnett Street Police station in the western parish of St. James.

Meanwhile, Acting Commissioner of Police, Glenmore Hinds is urging for patience while the investigations continue.

“We are urging citizens to remain calm and are appealing to relatives to support the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) and Police investigators in their.

probe. We are assuring the citizenry that the JCF recognises the duty of care and we will be unrelenting in this regard, especially as it relates to persons in our custody”, Hinds said.

Two men, Adrian Morgan,25 and Marvin Orr,35 who have been charged with the murder of Deane, will appear in court on Wednesday.

Deane’s death has sparked widespread criticisms and several protests.

On Tuesday, armed with placards the protestors chanted that they will not end their protest until they get justice for Deane.

Police officers were forced to form a line in front of the station to prevent the crowd from getting too close to the main door of the building.

The protest was led by the civil society group, Citizens Action for Principle and Integrity (CAPI), whose Co-convener, Dennis Meadows, said the response from the authorities to Deane’s death has been inadequate.

“We are not convinced that the police are being honest and transparent in the investigation of this matter…we call on INDECOM (Independent Commission of Investigations) to ensure that they are thorough and that they are meticulous in ensuring that the real culprits are charged in Mario’s death,” Meadows said.

He also said Jamaicans must demand respect for their human rights.

“They have charged two men so far, one, mentally ill, who was languishing in jail and who they thought was unattached (without a family).

“They are also questioning a third person who is deaf and dumb. We believe that screams cover up and a lame effort to save the real culprits,” he said.

Meanwhile, Attorney General, Patrick Atkinson, is scheduled to issue a statement on whether temporary measures will be put in place in relation to marijuana possession.

Justice Minister Mark Golding and the National Security Minister, Peter Bunting, both asked the Attorney General to relax bail conditions for persons arrested for small amounts of marijuana.



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