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Sixteen Calypso Semi-Finalists Selected

At the end of it all however, a four times crowned former Junior Calypso King and the 2012 Soca Monarch, Mighty Takeover, emerged as the leading scorer from the field of those hoping to dethrone the reigning monarch, King Konris.

Almost fifty calypsonians drawn from the two calypso tents in the country were engaged this past weekend in two rounds of eliminations that began at De House Nitery in Soho on Saturday and ended at 17 Degrees on Sunday night. As a result, the judges have been able to select the 16 top contenders who will now vie to move on to the final stage of the annual contest.

According to the Calypso Sub-Committee Chairman, Mr. Sylvester Anthony, the judges on Sunday night selected 16 persons plus one reserve or standby contender, who will fill any spot that is left vacant, in the event that a semi-finalist, for any reason, opts out of the competition.

Based on their performances, where only one song was performed, the following are the results delivered by the judges:

Calypsonians                  Points Scored

  • Takeover                       242
  • Calypso Craig                 234  
  • Big Lice                         232
  • Rudder                          230
  • Socrates                       229
  • Pungwa                        226
  • Ace                             224
  • Bra Bread                     219
  • Lady Diva                     217
  • I-Soursop                     213
  • Astro                           212
  • Singing Jackie               211
  • Forest                         205
  • Lord Kut                      202
  • Alamoula                     202
  • Godfrey                      197
  • Franky Sly                     195 (reserve)

The Semi-Finals will take place on Sunday 16th December, 2012, at the “Sugar Mill” on the football field in Warner Park. It starts at 4:00 in the afternoon.

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