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Sizzla set to Release his 65th Album Online Wednesday

In an interview with Jamaica Star Online, Sizzla voiced his concern about the present state of Jamaican music. The Reggae star also went on to say that he read an article which said that the music is depressing and he hopes that his efforts in this professionally crafted album will change that perception.

According to the artiste, The Scriptures, is a very positive and spiritual, hence the name of the album. “The title came about spontaneously, a friend(Trev), was listening to the album and suggested that we call it ‘The Scriptures’ because of the natural inspiration that he was getting from the songs,” he said.

John John, the main producer, said the album is acoustic and has 14 tracks. He also told The STAR, “This album took over a year to complete because we wanted perfection, and trust me the entire world can appreciate this one.”  He also went on to say that a chapter two is expected to be released in the next two months.

Sizzla pointed to Shield and Guide along with The Scriptures (title track) as his favourites.

Sizzla says he will be doing a series of tours in Africa, Japan, Brazil, Guyana, among other countries in the Caribbean to promote the album.

When asked how he had managed the work ethic to release 65 albums in such a short time, he replied, “I get the inspiration from Rastafari, life, The Black Nation and all other people like those suffering from worldwide crisis, so there is always something to speak about”.

The artiste also boasted that all the tracks are exclusive, and that there is a feature from a popular Canadian rapper as well, “not even I don’t know all the songs on the album, to the extent to which it’s exclusive,” he joked.

(Parts of this article were written with content submitted in a jamaicastaronline publication)

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