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SKELEC Apologizes for Not Giving Adequate Notice

This comes just two days following the Prime Minister’s announcement that consumers will get two months relief from paying the Custom Service Charge, recently added to the bill by SKELEC. 

A release from the company indicated that following discussions with the Government, they have decided that the FVC for electricity consumption for October and November, 2012, will be calculated as prior August 2012 bills. 

Electricity bills received during November and December 2012 will reflect this decision and will provide relief to the customers of the company. 

The company indicated in a press release issued in October that it had not added the cost of the CSC to consumers from the period August 1, 2011 to July 31, 2012, but as of August 2012 it had begun to do so. 

Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas said government had met with SKELEC and expressed concern that customers were notified of the increase after the fact, and so it struck a deal with SKELEC.  

What customers have been angry about however, is not only the late notice, but the added costs for electricity, complaining that their bills are already much too high while there has been too many interruptions in the service.                   

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