SKELEC concerned about political material on poles

Basseterre, 29th May, 2020, (MyVue – Political campaigns bring with them, all types of challenges. It is a time when many rules are ignored and tensions, sometimes over the simplest of matters, run high.

One area that has always gotten much attention and abuse, is the electricity department and its light poles. For the 2020 election, the use of poles for the placement of political signs from all parties, is continuing to be of much concern to the management of the power company.

In a statement released to the media in recent days, the The St Kitts Electricity Company Ltd. (SKELEC), said that it,” is reminding candidates, campaigners, and political parties, in the days leading up to the June 5th federal election, that erecting political paraphernalia onto electricity poles is dangerous because all poles contain live wires.”

The management said it is aware that some political paraphernalia including posters, boards, and billboards are being drilled and nailed into the electricity poles and is concerned about the danger this poses to members of the public and SKELEC employees.

SKELEC said, to assure public safety and continuity of work, it reserves the right to remove any political paraphernalia that prevents its crew from completing maintenance work or repairs on electricity poles or poses a safety risk to the public or SKELEC employees.

Campaigners are also reminded not to block pole numbers when erecting political paraphernalia onto electricity poles. 

During the past two weeks, parties have been busying themselves trying to get out their message and place their billboards and posters.

Photo: Campaign posters on an electricity pole

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