SKELEC Embarking on Arrears Programme

Customers now will be eligible for no deposit terms (Zero down) with a repayment period of thirty-six (36) months.
Consumers whose arrangements become in arrears for 3 months or more will be subject to a 1% finance charge on arrears in the case of residential accounts and 2% for commercial customers.
A SKELEC official explained that it is imperative that consumers remain current from August 2011 to present because failure to pay current bills will result in the disconnection of supply.
They added that persons failing to make an arrangement for outstanding bills prior to August 2011 will remain on the SKELEC disconnection list and will be subsequently disconnected and will have to pay the reconnection rates of $100.00 for residential consumers while commercial enterprises will pay $250.00.
The official concluded by saying that all consumers with such arrears are welcomed  to call the Company on 465 2000 or visit the Consumer Services Department to make an arrangement to pay arrears or obtain further information on the SKELEC Facebook page
It was earlier this month that Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis Dr. Denzil Douglas announced an arrangement that will handle the issues facing electricity consumers here in St. Kitts and Nevis.
Douglas in that announcement stated that the government was going to concentrate on bringing down the arrears and explore what can be done to ease the burden of the those consumer with outstanding amounts. This he said will impact the policy of the St. Kitts Electricity Company, in terms of having those arrears being collected.

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