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SKN media updated on Single Market and Economy, vows to highlight benefits


CARICOM Secretariat CSME Unit Communications specialist Salas Hamilton told the St. Kitts and Nevis media that in order for the successful implementation of the CSME, there is a need to dig deep into its implementation at the national level, and with the help of the Canadians, that project is currently underway.


He explained that they have received funding to the tune of some Can$10 million to make the project work.


“Because after you would have signed the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas, you have to now make sure that the processes are in place,” Hamilton noted, adding, “You speak about the free movement of persons. How do they move? How many move? Are you getting the same process, the same standards across CARICOM?” Hamilton highlighted.


With the general populace in St. Kitts and Nevis lacking the requisite information on the CSME, the representatives from CARICOM brought insightful messages for the local media practitioners, so they would in turn educate the residents of the St. Kitts and Nevis on the benefits of CSME.


Hamilton further disclosed that in order for the project to be a success, consultations and workshops with the necessary stakeholders were key components in understanding the CSME.


“We created this project called the CTP. And it basically means making it work, making it easier, and one of those legs of the component speaks to making sure stakeholders can participate and understand the CSME,” Hamilton said. 


“That is why we have an activity focusing on media workers, spokespersons and also teachers. For me as the project manager of this component, it is to ensure that things fall into place in terms of the bigger picture. So the segmenting of the audience, so that media persons are trained and to ensure that the stakeholders are trained. I come in at that level,” Hamilton noted.


Several journalists highlighted the need for such a workshop, because in some cases, it was a refresher on what was disseminated in the past, while others gained fruitful knowledge into the Caribbean Single Market and Economy, its employment benefits for resident and the utilization of the Skilled Workers Program.


The media training was one part of several weeks of training for key stakeholders who would be engaged in being updated on CSME. Participants have bee drawn from both public and private sector entities.

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