SKN participates in Commonwealth Meeting

The meeting focused on strengthening the centre of Government and built on the 2012 theme- From Public Sector Reform to Governance.”

Meeting participants were exposed to a series of presentations including an insightful one by Mr. Owen Arthur, former Prime Minister of Barbados.

Mr. Arthur spoke of his considerable experience in Government and emphasized the importance of enhancing the role of the public services throughout the Caribbean to promote more sustainable national and regional development.

He focused on the need to strengthen the Cabinet Secretariat so it could play its role in the overall policy formulation and monitoring of Government’s development and political agenda.  He stressed the importance of countries moving to introduce updated performance management systems and elimination of the bureaucracy in the public service to assist in addressing the continued low ranking of the Caribbean in the World Bank Doing Business assessment.

Reflecting on success achieved in Barbados, Mr. Arthur commented on the role of promoting involving of non State actors so that consensus can be achieved when determining major national policies to be implemented.

In commenting on the outcomes of the meeting, Mr. Newton indicated that the areas covered were of relevance to the Federation considering the Federal Government’s efforts to modernize the public service.  He said that the challenges identified during the interactive sessions were similar in all the countries.  He was of the view that such offered opportunities for greater collaboration in the areas of capacity building, development of model performance management systems and sharing of experiences intended to strengthen the offices of Cabinet Secretaries and Heads of Public Service.

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