SKNAAA Development Meet is on Again!


According to information received from the associations’ Public Relations Officer (PRO),  “the Development meet which was to be held at the Silver Jubilee Stadium on Sunday 9th January had to be put off because of miscommunication and there was also another event that was taking place at the stadium that created challenges.” understands that the meet was planned for since September of 2010.

However, in a recent interview with, Evris Huggins, the PRO for the SKNAAA explained that the meet is one of great importance for the athletes.

“This year is a great one for athletics in St. Kitts and Nevis because there are a lot of upcoming major championships that will take place locally and throughout the region as well as on the international scene. So, for the development meets athletes will be seeking to meet the qualifying times for these upcoming championships,” Huggins explained.

Unlike previous meets, this year all development meets will be held at the Silver Jubilee Stadium, the PRO revealed.

“Track and Field has developed tremendously over the years and we have to ensure that our athletes make the standards by training and competing under the same type of international as well as regional atmosphere,” he added.

A total of seven development meets will be held this year. The second meet is scheduled for 23rd January, if no postponement is effected.

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